• Practice makes perfect
  • Practice makes perfect
  • Practice makes perfect
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All enquiries regarding tuition or the shop please contact Mark Lawrie.

T: 01895 832022 Option 5

E: mark.lawrie@denhamgolfclub.co.uk



Mark Lawrie is a fully qualified PGA coach offering one-to-one lessons both on the practice ground and the course.

Mark welcomes golfers of all abilities ~ from single figure handicap golfers to complete newcomers to the game ~ and his focus is to help you become the best golfer that you can be.  

The excellent facilities include an extensive grass practice ground with an all-weather covered bay, two pitching greens, practice bunker, large putting green and a superb 6 hole short course.  

Complementing the external facilities is an indoors Swing Studio equipped with Foresight Sports technology.  This technology has a unique ability to capture club head data such as; club head speed, club path, and impact location on the club face.  Combining this data with the expertise of Mark and his team, players of all abilities are able to benefit in improvements to any aspect of their game.

Below is a summary of the lessons that Mark and his team offer.  For more information, click on Lessons & Videos.

Individual Lessons

The most effective way to improve your game is to have regular individual lessons but always allocate enough time to practice in between each session to consolidate your newly learnt skills.

  • 1/2 Hour lesson: Member £30.00 - Visitor £35 
  • 1 Hour lesson: Member £60 - Visitor £65

Lesson Vouchers

If you would like to purchase a gift for a family member or friend as a present, we can arrange shop or lesson vouchers.

Please email mark.lawrie@denhamgolfclub.co.uk for further information.

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