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Applying for Membership
Whether you have recently moved into the area, or are simply looking to join an excellent private members golf club, the membership application process is straightforward.  As well as becoming a Full Member through sponsorship by an existing member or the Board, there other ways to join Denham Golf Club.  The Secretary will provide you with full details, but in summary they are as follows.

Designed specifically for families who have moved into the area, you along with your partner and children can all join for the joining fee, if applicable, of only one adult.

Business Assignment

The Supernumerary category is specifically designed for people on assignment into the area.  You can be a Supernumerary for up to three years, at which point you can transfer to full membership if you have found a sponsor and seconder from within the existing membership.

Distant Membership

If you do not have a residential or business address within 100 miles from Denham, within or outside the UK, you can apply to the secretary to join Denham as a ‘distant’ member.


Denham Golf Club has always been a true family club, where Juniors are welcomed and encouraged.  Further information on Junior Golf and becoming a Junior Member can be found here.


If you are interested in becoming a member of Denham Golf Club, please contact the General Manager using the contact details in the box on the right.



Why join Denham?

Membership Enquiries

For further details please contact the Secretary’s Office on

T: 01895 832022 (Option 7)

E: richard@denhamgolfclub.co.uk

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