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Academy Membership

“Get into Golf” with Denham Golf Club Academy

Denham is delighted to offer an Academy programme for ladies and men to “Get into Golf”. This programme is ideal for beginners as well as a refresher for people returning to golf after a long break.

The aim of this programme is to help you reach a position where you are comfortable playing golf with other people, joining in Club competitions and getting fully involved in all our activities, both on and off the course. 

So as you move through your time in the Academy at Denham, you will hopefully be spending less time on the range and using your lessons on the course to learn the rules and course management with the aim of reaching a standard where you can attain a handicap, whilst finding out what makes golf such a compulsive and infuriating game!

COST – currently £495 per year. Renewal date is 1st July and fees are charged pro rata if you join partway through the year.


  • Individual lessons - 6 hours (or 12 half hours) of 1-1 lessons are provided as part of the membership.  Additional lessons can be purchased from the Professional staff. All lessons are to be taken within the year and not carried over to the following year. The number of lessons will be pro rata’d if you join through the year.
  • Group lessons run on a weekly basis on Tuesday mornings from 11am – 12pm and on Saturdays from 1-2pm throughout the year. These cost £10 per person per lesson.  
    • Booking for group lessons a week in advance is required to ensure sufficient numbers/coaches for each session.
    • There may be limits on numbers attending. Currently there is a maximum of 5 players per lesson.


  • Access to the practice ground and putting green is available any time. Practice balls are free – available with a token from the Professional’s Shop.
  • Access to the indoor Swing Studio is available for a fee.

Access and sign off to play on the course

  • Once Academy members have been assessed by the Club Professional, with a 1-1 playing lesson on the course, and deemed to be sufficiently proficient, they may play on the golf course.
  • On payment of the members’ guest rate fee, and subject to prior agreement by the Professional’s Shop, Academy members can play golf on the course after 11.30am during the week and after 2.30pm at weekends. Play is restricted to groups of 2s or 3s to speed up play.
  • Currently Academy members may not bring guests to play on the course.


  • There will be monthly Academy 9 hole stableford competitions run for Academy members to help attain a handicap.

Mentoring Scheme

  • A Mentoring scheme run by the Ladies’ and Mens’ Committees is offered to all Academy Members. This is to help them arrange golf games and learn more about the rules and etiquette of golf whilst playing on the course. In addition, the Mentors will mark cards to help them attain a handicap.

Graduation to Membership

  • Membership of the Academy is for up to a maximum of 3 years. Once members gain a handicap of 40 for ladies or 28 for men, they are a good enough standard to be considered for full membership. Once members have a handicap of 36 for ladies and 28 for men, they are no longer classed as a beginner and will be considered too good for the Academy. Members may be considered for Full Membership or become a 5 day member of the Club at this time.
  • Transferring to Full or 5 Day Membership will involve following the usual Club application process, and payment of the applicable joining fee with a 5% discount being applied.


  • Members will receive a Bar card and full access to the Clubhouse and all club social functions.
  • They are included in email communications to members and have access to the website to see the Club Diary.

If you are interested in finding out more about joining the Denham Golf Club Academy, please contact our General Manager - Richard Penley-Martin on 01895 -832022 or email : secretary@denhamgolfclub.co.uk. Richard would be happy to show you around and arrange a taster lesson with one of our Professionals.

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