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Academy Membership

The Denham Golf Academy

Aims and Objectives

To introduce new people to the game of golf, or those wishing to restart their golf, with an aim of being able to apply for membership of Denham Golf Club after a maximum of 3 years.


The Academy is structured over a three-year period, but this can be less if the Academy member attains the standard to progress sooner.  Ladies must achieve a maximum playing handicap of 36 and men a maximum of 24 before starting the process to join the Club as a Full or 5-Day member.

Each year of the membership a target level is set for progression to the next level which must be achieved to remain part of the Academy.


At the foundation stage, the fundamental techniques of the game will be taught in both individual and group lessons. Academy members will be able to use the clubhouse, and practice facilities and will be provided with a club card enabling them to buy food and beverage at the members discounted prices.  Academy members are also encouraged to join in with the Club’s social events.

At the end of the foundation stage and within one year it is expected that all Academy members will have been passed as ‘course ready’ by the professional coaching team.  Whilst one year is the maximum length of time to reach this point, ideally members will reach this stage within a few months and will be able to access the golf course upon payment of a member’s guest green fee to play either 9 or 18 holes.   The tee times for Academy members are arranged so that they are at quiet times, allowing members to progress without feeling under pressure from other golfers using the course.


Each year 5 x 1 hour or 10 x ½ hour individual lessons and one course of 6 group lessons are included in the Academy package. (5 group lessons if not taken as one course.) 

Once Academy members are cleared to play on the course, a Club member will be assigned as a mentor to help them progress and learn the rules and etiquette of the game.  There are also regular Academy play sessions involving Denham members as well as other Academy players in order that players get to know other people to play and practice with.  

Academy members will be encouraged to get a handicap to enable them to measure how they are progressing and enter the Academy stableford competitions.  It is expected that by the end of year two a playing handicap of circa 45 will be achieved for ladies and 28 for men.


In the third-year members will be encouraged to continue with their lessons, make use the practice facilities and play more competitions to achieve a handicap which allows them to apply for full membership of the Club.

If you would like to know more about the Academy at Denham Golf Club, please contact:

Debbie Mason: debbie.mason8@icloud.com

General Manager:  Richard Penley-Martin   richard@denhamgolfclub.co.uk 

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