• The two tiered 15th green
  • 17th fairway
  • Approach to the 1st
  • Putting out at the 4th
  • Between the 7th and the 8th
  • A refreshment at the Halfway House
Dress Code

It has always been the ethos at Denham for all Members and Guests to adopt a ‘Smart Casual’ approach to clothing, including shoes.  We would like to take a cue from the phrase itself:

Smart Casual – Smart First And Casual Second

Members and visitors are expected to adhere to the Club’s standards of dress; on the Golf Course, in the Clubhouse, and on the Terrace.  If the standards of dress are not adhered to, the individual may be advised to change clothing if they wish to continue to enjoy the Club's facilities on that day.

On the Course And Practice Areas

  • Everyone is expected to wear smart attire, appropriate to golf.
  • Men’s shirts should have a collar & sleeves and be tucked in.
  • Ladies should wear a polo-type shirt with collar, including sleeveless shirts and may leave shirts untucked. Leggings and tops designed for running (eg racer back style) are not considered appropriate.
  • Tailored shorts may be worn, but beach/cargo shorts are not considered appropriate.
  • Hats are to be worn the correct way round.
  • Blue denim jeans and trainers or flip flops are not considered acceptable anywhere at the Club.

Clubhouse And Terrace

  • Golf shoes can be worn on the Terrace and in the Bar, but not in the Dining Room or Sheridan Room.
  • Hats are not to be worn in the Clubhouse. 
  • Men may wear tailored shorts and long trousers with or without socks when wearing Deck/Loafer style shoes.
  • Ladies may wear golf attire, but not blue denim jeans, leggings, sports trainers & flipflops.

Dining Room

  • Golf shoes & shorts are not appropriate wear.
  • Men should wear jacket & non-golfing collared shirt; ties are preferred but are not required. Ties to be worn for matches at the discretion of the Match Manager.
  • Ladies should change out of golf attire and wear something smart.

Use Of Mobile Phones

  • Please always respect fellow members and guests by limiting the use of mobile phones in their presence.  The use of mobile phones for voice communications should take place in the car park and with discretion to avoid disturbing the concentration of players. 

Mobile Phones

Whilst mobile phones are permitted in the Clubhouse for diarising, texting, and emailing purposes, phone calls are permitted only in the car park..

Course Layout and Scorecard

Course Tour

Starting Times

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